6th Annual Summer Workshop

6th Annual Summer Workshop

Optoelectronics Center Director and Event Host

Dr. Mike Fiddy

"The workshop will cover modeling light propagation through complex media, such as periodic structures and metamaterials, including nonlinear materials."

May 27 - 30, 2009 UNC Charlotte Campus

Metamaterials Program PDF (6.8 MB)

The field of metamaterials is growing rapidly and is starting to impact our thinking about the design of microwave, THz and optical components and devices.  There remain many challenges both in designing structures that exhibit desired characteristics as well as in fabricating them with sufficient precision and at low cost.  The purpose of this CRI Workshop is to bring together a broad community of researchers and prospective users in the field to review the state of the subject and to better understand the very interdisciplinary and fundamental aspects of what is feasible in the next few years.  Presentations and discussions will include considerations of the basic models for describing propagation and scattering through linear and nonlinear periodic structures as well as the extreme values and bandwidths for metamaterial permittivities and permeabilities one might be able to realize.  Fabrication processes are advancing constantly as are new concepts for how to assemble artificial materials with exceptional properties.  Limitations to these processes and how to reliably model the resulting materials' characteristics will be discussed.

This residential workshop will run from Wednesday May 27th to Saturday May 30th on the UNC Charlotte campus.  Check in will begin the evening of May 26th.  All local transportation, accommodation and food will be provided after arriving in Charlotte.  Our aim is to ensure the atmosphere is not overly structured and which is similar in style to a Gordon Conference.  This will permit plenty of time for brainstorming and networking. One of the outcomes of the meeting is a special issue of Waves in Random and Complex Media, as with one of our previous workshops.

Schedule and Participants

Wednesday May 27th
8.30 Welcome and Introductory remarks Mike Fiddy, UNC Charlotte
9.00 Transforming light with metamaterials Vladimir Shalaev, Purdue University
10.00 Materials and integration technologies for metamaterial structures Nan Jokerst, Duke University
11.00 Metamaterials for RF, Photonic and RF/Photonic Applications Dennis Prather, University of Delaware
12.00 Lunch and Tour of Grigg Hall  
2.00 Low refractive index materials; a new class of optical thin film materials E. Fred Schubert, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
3.00 Fabrication of nanostructures using the Imprio100 step&repeat nanoimprint system Lou Deguzman & Alec Martin, UNC Charlotte
4.00 Frozen mode regime in bounded photonic crystals Alex Figotin, University of California in Irvine
4.45 Absorption suppression in periodic composite structures Ilya Vitebskiy, University of California in Irvine
6.30 Dinner in Witherspoon  


Thursday May 28th
8.30 New horizons of nanoplasmonics Mark Stockman, Georgia State U
9.30   The road to quantum level NIM metamaterials, Clifford Krowne, Naval Research Laboratory
10.30  New propagation effects in semiconductors in the uv range Michael Scalora, AMRDEC, US Army
11.30 Fundamentals of Superlattices and Photonic Crystals: Technical Issues in Implementation Ray Tsu, UNC Charlotte
12.00 Lunch  
1.30    Waves in graded index and nonlinear metamaterials Natalia M. Litchinitser, SUNY at Buffalo
2.30   Highly anisotropic form-birefringent structures and measurements. Bill Yang, Western Carolina University
3.30 Total disorder as an alternative to perfect periodicity Valentin Freilikher, Bar-Ilan U., Israel
4.30 Asymptotic theory of wave process in networks of thin fibers Stas Molchanov & Boris Vainberg, UNC Charlotte
6.00 Dinner in Witherspoon  



Friday May 29th



8.30 Optical Metamaterials Guy Bartal, UC Berkeley
9.30  Polarization properties of plasmonic/photonic hybrid crystals and applications David Crouse, CUNY  
10.30 Optical Mesomaterials: Coupled Microresonator Arrays Vasily Astratov, UNC Charlotte
11.30 Demonstrating Cloaking at Optical Frequencies Jaime Cardenas, Cornell University
12.30 Lunch and custom tours of Grigg and Duke Centennial Hall laboratories  
2.00 Plasmon coupling in 2D arrays John Heckel, Clemson University
2.45 Propagation of waves in randomly perturbed periodic media Yuri Godin, UNC Charlotte
3.30 Two-dimensional acoustic metamaterials based on Mie resonances Xianyu Ao, UNC Charlotte
4.00 Materials growth and fabrication Ian Ferguson, Georgia Tech / UNCC   
6.00 Dinner in Witherspoon  



Saturday May 30th




9.00 Federal funding and industry collaboration session


Additional Participants

Richard Hammond, ARO Program Manager   
Roger Lang, George Washington University   
Robert Hudgins, UNC Charlotte   
Kenneth Gonsalves, UNC Charlotte   
Tsinghua Her, UNC Charlotte   
Mark Martich, Tyco Electronics   
Balakishore Yellampalle, Athary Photonics   
Serguei Maximenko, Naval Research Laboratory   
Yigit Yilmaz, UNC Charlotte   
Jordan Poler, UNC Charlotte   
Mehrdad Abolbashari, UNC Charlotte   
Shahab Chitchian, UNC Charlotte   
Kasra Daneshvar, UNC Charlotte   
Serhat Tozburun, UNC Charlotte   
Viktor Smolski, UNC Charlotte   
David Witter, UNC Charlotte   
Oleg Smolski, UNC Charlotte   
Sharonda Johnson, UNC Charlotte   
Robert Ingel, UNC Charlotte   
Shane Ritter, UNC Charlotte   
Thomas DuBois, UNC Charlotte
Phil Williams, Independent Industry Consultant   
Richard Dudley, UNC Charlotte   
Mona Mayeh, UNC Charlotte   
Yi-Chen Chuang, UNC Charlotte   
Haitao Zhang, UNC Charlotte   
Aaron Cannistra, UNC Charlotte   
Kushal Bhattacharjee, RF Micro Devices   
Zachary Roth, UNC Charlotte   
Menelaos Poutous, UNC Charlotte   
Pradeep Srinivasan, UNC Charlotte   
Ed Stokes, UNC Charlotte   
Aaron Pung, UNC Charlotte   
Iftekhar Mirza, University of Delaware   
Lee W. Casperson, UNC Charlotte   
John Schenk, UNC Charlotte   
Phillip Sanger, Western Carolina University   
Nicolas Kudsieh, UNC Charlotte   
Arash Darafsheh, UNC Charlotte   
Kenneth Allen, UNC Charlotte   
M. A. Hasan, UNC Charlotte   
Jianguo Xin, UNC Charlotte