Understanding Muscle Force Generation

HONET 2021

IEEE 18th Int'l Conference HONET 2021
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The mechanism of myosin ATPase actin activation

The ultimate goal of the project is to understand how the force is generated in muscle. We study myosin, a molecular motor, responsible for the force production. To reach the goal we use optical spectroscopy. We label myosin specifically with fluorescent donor-acceptor pair, we monitor donor-acceptor fluorescence resonance energy transfer, proportional to interprobe distance. We detect myosin functional motion via interprobe distance change in real time. This study is of fundamental importance for understanding the mechanism of muscle function and muscle malfunction on submolecular level. Knowledge of this mechanism will allow rational design of muscle malfunction treatment, as well as better understanding of the mechanism of muscle contraction.

"We study myosin,
a molecular motor,
responsible for the force production."

Yuri Nesmelov, Ph.D.
Lead Investigator
Department of Physics and Optical Science
UNC Charlotte