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Hot Plate

The Cee 1100FX Hot Plate is a programmable hotplate for baking resists coated on samples.  There are 10 user programs available which contain preset values for bake Ramp/Soak temperatures, bake time and bake method.  The bake method options are proximity, soft contact and hard contact.  Hard contact promotes best uniformity and minimizes bowing and warping of substrate.  Proximity bake provides slower heating of substrate which helps reduce blistering and cracking of films with fast drying solvents.  A recommended method is to use proximity bake as prebake and followed up by hard contact bake.  Each program allows up to three consecutive bake methods for maximum control of substrate warm up, solvent drying and resin curing characteristics. 

Bake temperature: 300 degrees C maximum
Bake temparature resolution:  1 degree C.
Substrate size: 3” to 200mm

Manufacturer: Brewer Science
Model: Cee 1100FX

Lou Deguzman

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