Brewer Science Spin Processor

Service Line: 01 Lithography

Spin Processor

The CEE200 is a programmable spin coater for application of resists on the surface of large substrates  and piece parts.  It has a touch screen user interface for storing a large number of spin recipes.  It features a maximum speed of 6000 RPM to an accuracy of +/- 1 RPM.  Accessory items included are a programmable exhaust, various spin chuck sizes, EBR, BSR, and an automatic resist dispenser.  Bowl inserts can be interchanged for different resist chemistries to minimize contamination.

Maximum spin speed: 6000 RPM
Maximum ramp: 30000 RPM/s
Speed accuracy: +/- 1 RPM
Substrate handling: 200mm maximum
Edge bead removal nozzle
Back side rinse nozzle

Manufacturer: Brewer Science
Model: CEE200

Lou Deguzman

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Third Floor            Room: CleanRoom            Bay Number: 1