Laurell Spin Processor

Service Line: 01 Lithography

Spin Processor

The WS-400-6NPP-LITE spin processor is a portable and programmable unit for various processes such as coating, etching, cleaning, developing, and rising/drying.  The housing is machined from solid natural polypropylene material and compatible with solvents, strong bases and acids even HF, HBr, HCl etc.  The coater is being used mainly for application of SU-8, other higher viscosity resists, and non-typical materials.  The digital process controller allows for  programming of time, speed and accellaration at each step.  Multiple chuck sizes are available to accommodate  various size substrates and piece parts.  The maximum speed is 8000 RPM.  A proprietary motor seal protects the motor and control electronics from chemical contamination. This unique seal has proven to be sub-micron particle-free during field testing. The process chamber is nitrogen purged.


Maximum speed: 8000 RPM
Digital Process Controller: twenty programs, 51 steps each
Corrosion-proof configuration - no exposed metal to acids or bases

Manufacturer: Laurell Technologies Corp
Model: WS-400-6NPP-LITE

Lou Deguzman

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