Quintel Mask Alignment System

Service Line: 01 Lithography

Mask Alignment System  

The Quintel Ultraline Q 4000-6 is a contact mask aligner used in conventional UV optical photolithography.  It can resolve features down to 1 micron or better. It is equipped with an infrared (IR) camera system for frontside to backside alignment  by imaging thru the wafer.  Exposures can be performed in contact or proximity mode.  Contact printing gives the best resolution, but more prone to defects and mask damage due to direct contact.  In proximity mode, a small air gap (~10 to 50 um) separates the mask and wafer, and the resolution is approximately equal to the square root of the product of the wavelength and the gap distance.
For 100mm and 150mm Wafers, and piece parts
Contact, Soft Contact, and Proximity Mask Exposure
Sub-Micron Photolithography in Contact Mode
Constant Intensity UV Lamp Power Supply
350W UV Exposure Lamp
Split Field Alignment Microscope Viewing Area
Split Field Video Monitor Display
Overlay accuracy:
frontside to backside: ~ 1 to 2 um
frontside to frontside: ~ 0.5 um

Manufacturer: Quintel
Model: Q4000-6TL

Lou Deguzman

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