The Raith 150 E-beam Lithography System

Service Line: 01 Lithography

 E-beam Lithography System

E-beam Lithography System

The Raith 150 E-beam Lithography System provides the capability for ultra high resolution patterning. The specimen chamber will handle substrates up to 200 mm. Sophisticated internal systems provide height sensing and substrate leveling in order to keep the sample in focus even over these large travel ranges. A unique cross-over-free beam path gives extremely high beam current density and exceedingly low aberrations. This results in top quality lithographic performance. The Raith is capable of 20 nm minimum resolution, a field-to-field stitching accuracy of 40 nm, and an overlay accuracy of 40 nm.

Manufacturer: Raith

Model: Raith150

Lou Deguzman

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