AJA Sputtering Tool

Service Line: 02 Material Deposition and Etching

Sputtering Tool

The AJA International ATC 1800-F sputter deposition system can accommodate wafers up to 150 mm in diameter.  The system has 3 targets for single layer, sequential, or co-sputtered processes.  The platen or substrate holder can be rotated during deposition for enhanced thickness uniformity.  The substrate holder can also be heated to 500 degrees C during deposition to modify film properties.  Sputtering is a physical process whereby atoms in a solid target material are ejected into the gas phase due to bombardment of the material by energetic ions.  Sputtering is largely driven by a momentum exchange between the ions and atoms in the material, due to collisions. The ions for the sputtering process are supplied by a plasma that is induced in the sputtering equipment.

Manufacturer: AJA International
Model: ATC 1800-F

Scott Williams

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