AOE Dielectric Etch System

Service Line: 02 Material Deposition and Etching

Advanced Oxide Etcher (AOE)

The ST Systems AOE employs fluorine plasma chemistries in ICP and/or RIE modes to etch dielectrics including SiO 2 and Si 3 N 4 . SiO 2 may be etched at a rate of up to ~270 nm/min. with selectivity to photo-resist up to 5:1.

Available Gases:
SF6, O2, C4F8, H2, CHF3, He

RF Power:
Coil - 3 Kw at 13.56 MHz
Platen – 600 w at 13.56 MHz

The AOE may be used to etch optical structures such as gratings and waveguides. Processes are currently under development to etch nano -imprinted dielectric materials.

Manufacturer: ST Systems

Robert Hudgins

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Third Floor            Room: CleanRoom            Bay Number: 3