Continuum Nd YAG Laser

Service Line: 07 Laser Facility

Nd YAG Laser (right side above) and Panther Optical Parametric Oscillator (left side above)

Continuum Pulsed Q-switched Nd YAG 8000 series Laser warms up to full energy in less than 5 minutes, has class leading beam quality and unmatched passive pointing stability, and is ideal for the most demanding scientific applications.

The Panther OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) has a linewidth of down to less than 1.5 cm-1, has signal energies to > 150mJ per pulse, complete tunability with no degeneracy gap (205nm - 2,550nm) and a windows operating platform.

Manufacturer, Laser and Oscillator: Continuum
Model, Laser: Precision II, 8000 Series
Oscillator: Panther

Dr. Tom Suleski

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Third Floor            Room: 302            Bay Number: N/A